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Opens the Control Point Properties dialog box. You can use this dialog box to define the standard properties of the control point during initial placement or modify standard properties after placement. For more information, see Control Point Properties Dialog Box.

Select Parent

Select a parent generic system for the control points. Select the system in the Workspace Explorer.

Select Point Location

Allows you to click in the model to specify the location of the control point.


Specifies the appropriate category of point. Select Control Point, Insertion Point, and Keypoint.


Select the subtype depending upon where the control point is to be used. In the Material Handling task, most control points are restricted to Structure.

Name Prefix

Type a prefix name for the control point. The name will be prepended to the numeric value of the control points counter stored in the session preferences.


Select the constraint for placement of control point. Select None to create control points anywhere in the workspace. Select Grid Line Intersection to create control points at grid intersections only.