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Meaning: You can edit a symbol definition after you place occurrences of that symbol. For example, you could place a pump symbol and then later edit the VisualBasic code that defines the geometry of the pump. Synchronize Model with Catalog in Project Management brings the model into agreement with the current symbol definition. When you run this command, you can choose to mark the occurrences, update the occurrences, or both. If you choose to only mark the occurrences, Smart 3D displays the out-of-date occurrences with this message in the To Do List after the command finishes.


  1. Click View > To Do List.

  2. On the To Do List dialog box, select the object, and click Update .

    The software updates the object and removes it from the To Do List.


  1. Start Project Management.

  2. Click Tools > Synchronize Model with Catalog.

  3. Select the option to update the out-of-date occurrences. For more information, see Synchronize Model with Catalog in the Project Management User's Guide.