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The To Do Record Meter appears in the status bar of the software. The meter gives quick feedback on the number of new records created on the To Do List in the current session.

The meter uses a rate of to do record (TDR) generation based on total TDRs created in the session per total number of objects modified in the session. Error and Warning records are included in the TDR count, but Out-of-date records are not included. By default, Warnings are weighted less heavily than Errors; two Warnings count as one. The following equation is used:

TDR rate = ((0.5*Warnings + Errors)/Activity)*100

The To Do Record Meter has the following components:


Graphically displays the TDR rate. The pointer starts on the left at the start of a new session, and moves to the right — from green to red — as new TDRs are generated.


Appears when you pause the cursor over the meter. The tooltip displays:

  • To Do Records - The total number of Error and Warning to do records created in the session.

  • Activity - The total number of objects modified in the session.

  • Rate - The TDR rate expressed as a percentage.


Shows the number of TDRs created by the last completed command.