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Meaning: This message can be caused by either moving one of the footing's members after it is placed or by a copy/paste operation. The combined pier slab footing does not allow members with varying bottom-of-steel Z coordinate values. The member move can be done explicitly using the Move command or as a result of another object's calculation causing the member to move (such as a, column related to a grid plane that was moved). Copy/paste can also cause the problem because the paste special dialog does not restrict the selection of members with different bottom-of-steel elevations.


  1. Open the Structure task.

  2. Click Select .

  3. Set the Locate Filter to Footings.

  4. Select the footing that is in error.

  5. Click Select member(s) on the ribbon bar.

  6. Select all the member systems with the same bottom-of-steel elevation that should be part of this footing.

  7. Click Finish.

Another option is to delete the footing.