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Intergraph I-Convert Help

Intergraph I-Convert
2019 R1 (8.1)

The following tables lists common warning and information messages that can appear in the Errorlog.txt file produced during the PDMS conversion process.

Warning Messages



Warning - Dimension mapping for SKEY xxx is illegal, no catalog record has been created for Component xxx

The value entered in the user-specified equation text is invalid.

Warning - No Skey Found for Component xxx Component Omitted."

No Isogen symbol key was specified in the data file.

Warning - Cannot Determine Configuration Found for xxx with Skey xxx Component Omitted."

The SKEY does not exist in the skey.tbl file or the skeyuser.tbl file.

Warning - Cannot Determine Mapping for xxx With Skey xxx Default Mapping will be used."

An Error occurred when reading the file. The software will use default mapping.

Warning - Cannot Determine Default Bores For xxx With Skey xxx Component Omitted."

The I-Convert default connection mapping in not valid for this component. Specify user-defined mapping.

Warning - Cannot Determine Dimensions For xxx With xxx Component Omitted."

An error occurred when determining the component dimensions. Check the and mapequations.txt files.

Warning - Error Determining Dimensions For xxx Component Omitted.

An error occurred when trying to set the component dimensions. Check the data file.

Information Messages



Information - Components with SKEY : xxx are not required in catalog - no record created for - xxx

Certain components types for example ‘Pulled bends’ are not required in the Smart Isometrics catalog. No action necessary.

Information - Cannot Determine Bolting For xxx No Bolts will be generated.

An error occurred when trying to set the bolting data. Check the data file.