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Intergraph I-Convert Help

Intergraph I-Convert
2019 R1 (8.1)

I-Convert supports the creation of material data from a translated Neutral data file. You can translate material data using any of the following Neutral data file formats into Alias format.

  • Alias data format

  • Data file format

  • Schema file format

  • For more information about Neutral data file formats, see Neutral input data files.

  • Because the intention is to allow the easy creation of interfaces, the data is not in a fixed format and the structure of the data can be separately described in a schema file.

  1. On the local machine, create the folder structure shown in the example.

  2. Copy the Neutral (.xml) specification files to the project folder.

    The resulting project hierarchy is shown below:

  • A top-level project folder is mandatory, but the name is user-specified. In the example, the name of the project folder is Neutral Project.

  • Catalogues is a mandatory, fixed name folder.

  • Dat is an optional folder, but it is normally used to store the Schema file.

  • Safe is an optional folder, but it is normally used to store the project (.icp) file and the SKEY redefinition file. For more information, see Project Creation and Configuration and Configure Neutral input file locations.