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Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)

Displays and defines information about the cross-section of the selected compartment or zone.

This tab is only available for volume objects created with the Place Volume Along Path command.



Specifies the type of cross-section for the volume. You can either select a standard cross-section defined in the reference data or select Sketch to draw your own cross-section.

When a standard cross-sectional type is selected in the Cross-Section box, you can modify the properties that are described later in this topic. When Sketch is selected in the Cross-Section box, you can view each point, its coordinates, and its turn type in the table, but you cannot edit the data. See General Tab (Sketch Properties Dialog).

Display Cross-Section Image

Displays the image associated with the standard cross-section type in the reference data.

Cross-section images show the dimensions that you can define for the cross-section type, the default cardinal points for the cross-section type, and the angle for the cross-section. For example, the following graphic contains the dimensions and cardinal point for a standard road cross-section:

If no image is associated with the cross-section and the selected cardinal point, Image Not Available displays at the bottom of the tab.

Letters A, B, C, and so forth

Specifies the dimensions for standard cross-sections. If an image is defined for the cross-section in the reference data, you can see what each letter represents by clicking Display Cross Section Image .


Specifies the point where the software attaches the cross-section to the path. If you click Display Cross-Section Image to see a graphic of the cross-section, you can view where each cardinal point is located by selecting each cardinal point in the list. The software automatically updates the display, if the appropriate graphic is available, with a graphic containing the selected cardinal point.

Rotation Angle

Specifies the rotation of the cross-section about its local axis.

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