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Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)

Specifies the parent load folder needed for determining placement of a new item within the load hierarchy. This dialog box appears when you select More in the Parent box on the Create Load Folder ribbon. By browsing through the load hierarchy, you can select a parent for the new load item. After you select the parent, the software returns you to the model, where you can finalize the creation of the new item. 

Look In - Specifies from which location you want the software to pull hierarchical information. You can retrieve hierarchical information from either the current workspace or from the entire Model database.

  • This dialog box also appears when you select More in the Load folder box on the Create Load Combination and Create Unit Load ribbons.

  • A similar dialog box, titled Select Load Combination, appears when you click More in the Load combination folder box on the Create Spatial Load ribbon. For more information, see Create Spatial Load .

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