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  1. Add the ProgID and job description of the custom batch process to the <Product Folder>\CommonShip\SOM\Client\Xml\CustomBatchJobDetailsConfiguration.xml file.

    For example:




    <JobDescription>Description of CustomBatchProcessD</JobDescription>


    <JobProgId> ProgID of CustomBatchProcess </JobProgId>



  2. Click Tools > Submit Batch Job.

    The Generic Batch Command dialog box displays.

  3. Select the batch process to run from the Batch Process list. If the process you want to run is not in the list, select More from the Batch Process list.

    The Batch Process Selection dialog box displays.

  4. Select Custom Batch Process from the Batch Process Type list.

    The available custom batch processes display in the Select Batch Process list.

  5. Select the custom process to run, and click OK.

    Smart 3D returns to the Generic Batch Command dialog box.

  6. Specify the Batch Input Type, and add inputs as necessary.

  7. Click Schedule.

    The Schedule [Task] Batch Job dialog box displays.

  8. Set up the parameters to run the batch job. For more information, see Schedule [Task] Dialog Box.