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12.1 (2019)

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  1. In the Cross-Section box of the Place Volume Along Path ribbon, select a cross-section type, and then click Cross-Section .

  2. On the Cross-Section tab, define values for each dimension of the cross-section.

    Click Display Cross-Section Image to view a graphic of the selected cross-section type. Cross-section images show the dimensions that you can define, the default cardinal points, and the angle for the cross-section. The following image shows the dimensions and cardinal points for a Road cross-section.

  3. Select the cardinal point for the cross-section in the Cardinality list. The cardinal point is the point at which you want the software to attach the cross-section to the path.

    When you change the cardinal point, the software automatically updates the volume display in the model.

  4. Type an angle for the cross-section in the Rotation Angle box, if needed.

  5. Click Apply.

    A preview of the volume displays showing the new property values.

  6. Click OK.