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Intergraph Smart 3D Compartmentation

Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)

Sets options for modify volume objects defined by opposite vertices using the Place Volume by Two Points command.

Volume Properties

Displays the Properties dialog, which allows you to set properties for the compartment, ship zone, or void space that you are placing. See Compartment Properties Dialog, Ship Zone Properties Dialog, or Void Space Properties Dialog.

Volume Point 1

Defines the first point for the definition of the volume.

Volume Point 2

Defines the second point for the definition of the volume.


Allows you to drag the sides of the volume to resize it.

Select Volumes for Addition

Allows you to select additional volumes (graphically or from the Workspace Explorer) to add to the current volume definition. First, select a volume in a graphic view or from the Workspace Explorer, and then click Add to add the volume to the list.

Select Volumes for Subtraction

Allows you to select volumes (graphically or from the Workspace Explorer), and then remove the selected volume from the volume definition.

Volume List

Displays the Boolean Operation List Dialog, which lists the volumes added to or subtracted from the overall volume. You can add or remove volumes using the buttons on this dialog.


Places the volume as specified.


Displays the default name for the volume object (as dictated by the active name rule), and allows you to type a different name, if needed. Names must be unique across the entire model.


Specifies the type of volume. Selecting More from the list opens the Select Volume Dialog from which you can select a type.

Space folder

Allows you to assign the new volume to a folder in the space hierarchy. See Create a space folder.