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Intergraph Smart 3D Compartmentation

Intergraph Smart 3D

Sets options for placing volumes defined by a path and a cross section projected along the path.


Displays the Properties dialog box, which allows you to set properties for the compartment, ship zone, or void space that you are placing. For more information, see Compartment Properties Dialog Box, Ship Zone Properties Dialog Box, or Void Space Properties Dialog Box.


Displays the Create Path Ribbon, which allows you to define the path along which the volume will be created.


Sets properties for the cross section. If one of the standard cross-section types is selected in the Cross-Section box, this button displays the Cross-Section Tab of the Volume Properties dialog box to allow you to modify the properties of the cross section. If you select Sketch as the cross-section type, this button displays the Create Path ribbon to allow you to sketch the two-dimensional cross section. The Cross-Section button is only available after you define a path for the volume.

Select Volumes for Addition

Allows you to select additional volumes (graphically or from the Workspace Explorer) to add to the current volume definition. First, select a volume in a graphic view or from the Workspace Explorer, and then click Add to add the volume to the list.

Select Volumes for Subtraction

Allows you to select volumes (graphically or from the Workspace Explorer) and then remove the selected volume from the volume definition.

Volume List

Displays the Boolean Operation List Dialog Box, which lists the volumes added to or subtracted from the overall volume. You can add or remove volumes using the buttons on this dialog box.


Places the volume along the path specified with the cross section.


Specifies the type of cross section that you want to project along the specified path. You can either select a standard cross-section defined in the reference data, or you can sketch your own custom cross-section.


Displays the default name for the space (as dictated by the active name rule), and allows you to type a different name, if needed.


Specifies the reference data used for determining the properties of the volume.

Space folder

Allows you to assign the new volume to a folder in the space hierarchy. For information about creating space folders, see Create a space folder.