Create a Filter to Select Piping Components Based on Correlation Status - Intergraph Smart 3D - Administration

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Intergraph Smart 3D
Administration & Configuration
12 (2018)
  1. Click Tools > Select by Filter.

  2. On the Select Filter dialog box, click New Filter (Simple or Asking) .

  3. On the New Filter Properties dialog box, select the Properties tab.

  4. Select More in the Property box.

  5. Select Pipe Nozzle as the object type.

  6. Select Direct Property of Object Type as the relationship.

  7. Select Standard as the category.

  8. Select the Correlation Status attribute, and click OK.

  9. On the New Filter Properties dialog box, select an operator and a value. For example, you can specify that the filter select piping components with a correlation status equal to Correlated with Data Consistency.

  • The filter capability provides a means to query all piping objects based on their correlation status with one operation.

  • In addition to the filter for piping components, you can create a filter to select all pipes with a specific correlation status. For more information, see Create a Filter to Select Pipes Based on Correlation Status.