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Generates a design basis XML file and updates the associated map files. When you use Smart 3D in an integrated environment, you may need to change the SmartPlant schema to meet the needs of your company. For example, you might want to add a new property to the schema. Changes in the SmartPlant schema need to propagate to the Smart 3D catalog schema database.

To update the Smart 3D catalog schema, you can use the SmartPlant > Generate Design Basis command, which creates a design basis package that the software loads into the catalog schema database. The following list shows the steps that the Generate Design Basis command accomplishes:

  • Read the delivered component schemas.

  • Read and modify the design basis map file that is used to create design basis objects during a document retrieve.

  • Generate the design basis schema package that is loaded into the Smart 3D catalog schema database.

The Generate Design Basis command uses as input the file names of the component schemas and a design basis map XML file. The output of the tool is the design basis package, which the software automatically loads into the Smart 3D catalog schema database.

If the SmartPlant schema (EFSchema) has been changed, you must generate component schemas in the Schema Editor before running Generate Design Basis.