Placement Tab (Insert Surface Mount Component Properties Dialog Box) - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

Intergraph Smart 3D HVAC

Intergraph Smart 3D

Sets options for adding a surface-mounted component into a duct run.

Component Reference

Defines the origin or the port to place the surface-mounted component. By its design, a surface-mounted component has port 1, its origin, and port 2 on the positive x-axis of the symbol definition.

Mount Reference

Defines a point of reference along a feature for the offset position and other positioning calculations.

Mount Offset

Defines the offset distance between the duct run and the surface-mounted component that you are placing. The properties return to the same state for the orientation, angle, length, offset, turn type, and turn radius gadgets.

Rotation Angle

Defines the number of degrees in the angle that you want to route around the surface-mounted component. The command allows you to graphically rotate the component around the feature axis.