Update a Drawing - PDS - Training

FrameWorks Plus Tutorial


Because we changed the model in the previous activity, our drawing is no longer up-to- date. FrameWorks Plus provides two commands (Update Frozen and Regenerate) for updating frozen (drawing) views.

  1. Click View > Drop and drop all FrameWorks Plus views.

  2. Click View > Update Frozen.

    FrameWorks Plus displays those frozen views that are out-of- date with their model views in red.

  3. Hold the SHIFT key, and the select each view listed in red.

  4. Click Update.

  5. Click Cancel.

  6. Return to the drawing file, and verify that the views were updated.

  7. Now go back to the model and move the members back to their original location.

  8. This time use the View > Regenerate command to update the frozen views. Make sure you select the Regenerate Attached Models option.