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Smart Isometrics I-Data Integrator Help

Intergraph I-Data Integrator

The Main window displays each time that you open I-Data Integrator.

You use the options on the Main window to define the parameters that are required for the current post-processing event. You must define parameters for the following four types of processing options:

1 - Configuration File

Specifies the path to the XML configuration file. This file defines the input and output options for the structure and content of the output format data files. For more information, see Appendix: XML Configuration File Syntax.

2 - Input Data

Controls whether the software reads Isogen report files or a set of IDF/PCF/POD files for the specified style. For more information, see Input Data.

3 - Isometric drawing style

Specifies the drawing style to be used. You can choose between the Isogen style defined by I-Configure, the ISOGEN.fls file, or the SPOOLGEN.opt file. For more information, see Process files interactively .

4 - Output data

Defines the output format for the data that is processed and specifies the folder location where the output data is written. For more information, see Output Data.