Map PDMS HVAC specifications to Smart 3D - Intergraph Smart 3D - 2016 - Administration

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Administration & Configuration
11 (2016)

The following steps illustrate how to map PDMS HVAC specifications with Smart 3D using the HVACRunSpecMap translation mapping sheet. This mapping is required prior to importing PDMS HVAC data into Smart 3D.

  1. Navigate to the [Product Folder]\3DRefData\SharedContent\Data\Translators\PDMSS3DImport folder, and open the PDMSS3DImportMapping.xls workbook.

  2. Locate the HVACRunSpecMap translation worksheet.

  3. Map the PDMS HVAC specification in the .att file to the corresponding Smart 3D HVAC specification.

  4. Save the mapping file.