Equipment Translation Maps - Intergraph Smart 3D - 2016 - Administration

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Administration & Configuration
11 (2016)

Use the equipment translation mapping sheets in the PDMSS3DImportMapping.xls workbook to map PDMS equipment attributes to the correct Smart 3D equipment properties. Before importing PDMS equipment model data to Smart 3D, modify these mapping sheets to ensure that the following criteria are met:

  • All catalog equipment objects in the PDMS model are mapped to corresponding equipment objects in Smart 3D.

  • All primitives in PDMS are mapped to the corresponding shapes in the Smart 3D model.

  • All nozzles in PDMS are mapped to the corresponding pipe nozzles in Smart 3D. This is mandatory to import nozzles into Smart 3D regardless of the options that are defined in the PDMSImportTranslator.ini file.

After you complete all of the mapping in the PDMSS3DImportMapping.xls workbook, run PDMS Import Validation to validate the mapping data in the workbook. Resolve any missing entries reported by the validation tool. For more information, see PDMS Import Validation.

The PDMSS3DImportMapping.xls workbook delivers the following equipment translation maps:


Maps PDMS level (LEVE) and obstruction (OBST) values to the Smart 3D aspect codelist values in the AllCodeLists.xls workbook. For more information, see AspectMap.


Maps PDMS SUBEQUIPMENT attributes to Smart 3D CPEquipmentComponent class properties. For more information, see CPEquipmentComptMap.


Maps PDMS nozzle attributes to Smart 3D CPPipeNozzle class properties. For more information, see CPPipeNozzleMap.


Maps additional attributes, such as dimensional data and adjustment rotation matrix that are set for the shapes with the corresponding Smart 3D PartNumber. For more information, see CPShapeAdditionalAttributes.


Maps PDMS primitive attributes and the equivalent Smart 3D CPShape class properties. For more information, see CPShapeMap.


Maps each PDMS primitive to its equivalent Smart 3D shape PartNumber. For more information, see CPShapeValueMap.


Maps PDMS EQUIPMENT attributes to Smart 3D CPSmartEquipment class properties. For more information, see CPSmartEquipmentMap.


Defines the mapping between PartNumber, ShapePartNumber, AspectCode, and S3DNozzleOrientation . For more information, see EqpGlobalsMap.


Maps the supported equipment classes between PDMS and Smart 3D. This is the main mapping sheet for the equipment discipline. This sheet contains different class map sheets for CPSmartEquipment, CPEquipmentComponent, CPShape, and CPPipeNozzle. This sheet also contains a global sheet, which includes additional mapping information. For more information, see EquipmentClassMap.


Provides additional attribute mapping that is required to map PDMS nozzles to Smart 3D CPPipeNozzle. You can add the mapping for PDMS nozzles. The CATRef attribute of a PDMS nozzle is mapped to different Smart 3D attributes, such as PartNumber, Units, and dimensional data such as NPD. For more information, see NozzleAdditionalAttrMap.

You can also provide mapping for additional attributes such as PrimaryDirection and SecondaryDirection of the nozzle.


Contains the mapping for nozzle orientation, such as PrimaryDirection and SecondaryDirection. These attributes are obtained from the nozzle flow direction and normal direction in the PDMS catalog. For more information, see NozzleOrientationAttrMap.


Contains additional attributes required to import equipment and equipment component dimensional data, such as Diameter and Length. For more information, see PartNumberAdditionalAttributes.


Maps PDMS equipment CatRef to Smart 3D equipment PartNumber. For more information, see PartNumberValueMap.