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Intergraph Smart Construction API and Programming Reference (2018)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Administration & Configuration
2018 (6.0)

Function GetRulesOfProgress


ByVal projectID As String

ByVal component as SPF.Server.Schema.Interface.Generated.IObject (SPFServerModuleCore.dll)

ByVal publishedObject as SPF.Server.Schema.Interface.Generated.IObject (SPFServerModuleCore.dll)

ByRef rWorkTypes As SPC.External.Services.Types.RulesOfProgress.WorkTypes (SPC.External.Services.dll)

ByRef rAssignedValues as SPC.External.Services.Types.RulesOfProgress.RopAssignedValues (SPC.External.Services.dll)


Boolean value – True if success, False if failure


This method retrieves all available work types, their work steps and places this information in the rWorkTypes argument. The method also places information about any properties to be assigned to the component in the rAssignedValues argument. It is used to create work steps for all components retrieved into the system. It is also used during any commanded work step refreshes from installation work packages (IWPs).

Data Format

Arranged by data types:


Class ComponentInfo

Class MaterialInfo

Class WorkStepRateBasisDefinition

Class WorkType

Class WorkTypes

Class WorkStep

Class WorkSteps

Class RopAssignedProperty

Class RopAssignedValues

The inner-most Dictionary(Of String, RopAssignedProperty) is keyed by the schema property definition. The RopAssignedValues dictionary itself is keyed by the schema interface definition.