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Intergraph Smart Construction API and Programming Reference (2018)

Intergraph Smart Construction
Administration & Configuration
2018 (6.0)

A relationship node identifies a data relationship between two different object instances. A relationship node always has the same format. An example of a relationship node follows:


<IObject UID="e6f7de0c-fae2-4bf6-8f0e-783574fa465a" />

<IRel DefUID="SC_DrawingNumbers"


UID2="1813e05d-3d65-4d46-8548-d9072514e408" />


  • The root node of a relationship node is always a "Rel" node. The root node contains two child interface nodes, IObject and IRel.

  • The IObject node, just like with an object node, specifies the globally unique identifier for the relationship instance.

  • The IRel node specifies three pieces of information:

    • DefUID – the UID of the relationship type

    • UID1 – the UID of the object on one side of the relationship

    • UID2 – the UID of the object on the other side of the relationship

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