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Smart API Manager Installation and Configuration

Intergraph Smart API Manager
Installation & Upgrade

Before installing a new version of Smart API Manager, run the Configuration Utility to save a configuration file to disk. A configuration file contains all the information that was entered to configure the current instance.

You must run the Configuration Utility to save the configuration file before uninstalling the previous version of software. If you have version 2019 R1 (or later) installed, you can skip this step. The Configuration Utility automatically saves a configuration file that can be used to upgrade the software.

After installing or upgrading to the new version, use the saved file to configure Smart API Manager. The new version is configured to exactly match the previous instance, retaining all settings and customizations with no loss of data.

  1. Click Start > Intergraph Smart API Manager > Configuration Utility.

    If the Configuration Utility does not appear on the Start menu, run:
    [Smart API Manager Install Folder]\Tools\Intergraph.WebApi.Management.ConfigurationTool.exe

  2. On the Welcome to the Smart API Manager Configuration Utility! page, select Re-configure and click Next.

  3. Provide the credentials for the database System Administrator Account and click Next.

  4. Click Next until you reach the Review Configuration (Step 6 of 6) page.

  5. Click Save Configuration.

  6. Enter a File name and Password value (at least six characters) and click Save to save the configuration file to disk.

  7. Click Cancel to exit the configuration utility.