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Smart API Manager Installation and Configuration

Intergraph Smart API Manager
Installation & Upgrade

If ODP.NET is installed on the server where you have installed Smart API Manager, you may encounter errors related to a conflict between the global (machine-wide) and local (Smart API Manager) configurations for ODP.NET.

The most common reason for ODP.NET (assembly name: Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll) being installed globally (in the Global Assembly Cache, or GAC) is that the server where you have installed Smart API Manager also has either Oracle Client or Server software installed.

The simplest way to avoid the collision between the ODP.NET version delivered with Smart API Manager and the one installed in the GAC is to uninstall the GAC version.

The only reason to uninstall Oracle.ManagedDataAcccess.dll from the GAC is if you are encountering issues running Smart API Manager that appear to be related to this assembly and/or its configuration.

Uninstall Oracle.ManagedDataAccess from the GAC

Search the Oracle Server or Client folders for a file named unconfigure.bat. You should find the file in a folder similar to the following:

[Oracle Install Folder]\server64\ODP.NET\managed\x64\unconfigure.bat

You can execute unconfigure.bat from an elevated command window (run as administrator) to unregister the assembly from the GAC.

Typically, this eliminates all issues related to running Smart API Manager.