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Smart API Manager Installation and Configuration

Intergraph Smart API Manager
Installation & Upgrade

You must run the Smart API Manager Configuration Utility to create and configure the Management Database as well as configure IIS, security, and other system settings required to run Smart API Manager.

You can run the Configuration Utility interactively or silently (you must have a configuration file to configure silently). See Save current configuration to a file and Silent configuration for details.

You can also use a configuration file while running the Configuration Utility interactively.

Configuring with a file is particularly useful when you need to configure an instance that is identical to a previous or existing instance. For example:

  • Software upgrade - you install a new version of Smart API Manager. The new instance should be identical to the previous configuration.

  • Load-balancing - additional instances must be identical to the existing configuration.

If multiple instances of Smart API Manager are configured for load-balancing, such as in a web farm, you must set consistent machine keys on all the Smart API Manager instances to prevent security errors. See Set consistent machine keys on all Smart API Manager instances for details.