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Smart API Manager Installation and Configuration

Intergraph Smart API Manager
Installation & Upgrade
  1. Log on to the Smart API Manager web server as an administrative user for the computer and IIS.

  2. Navigate to the Smart API Manager installation drive or folder, and double-click SAM_setup.exe.

    If a previous version of Smart API Manager is installed in the server, you will see a warning. You must uninstall the existing software before installing the new version. You have two options:

    Quit - quit the setup, uninstall the previous version using Windows Programs and Features, and then run the SAM_setup.exe again.

    Modify/Uninstall Selected Programs - select Continue to run the previous version's setup (perform an Uninstall) and then continue with installing the new version.

  3. If you are installing on a server where Smart API Manager is not installed (or has been uninstalled), select Start Setup to begin.

    Follow the directions to step through the wizard.

    If you do not have access to an enterprise-level, networked database system, there is an option to install SQL Server Express LocalDB, which is appropriate for smaller, on-premises configurations.

  4. Select the Run Configuration Utility after successful installation option to configure the software immediately after installation. Otherwise, you can run the configuration utility later.

You must configure the software with the Configuration Utility before it is operational.

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