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Smart API Manager Installation and Configuration

Intergraph Smart API Manager
Installation & Upgrade

Smart API Manager uses a database to store information and usage data. Only one database instance is required, regardless of the number of Smart API Manager installations in your environment. For environments that require multiple domains, such as estates in SmartPlant Cloud, the database is partitioned so that the information and usage data for each instance of Smart API Manager are stored, managed, and accessed separately.

Smart API Manager supports the following databases:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Express 2016 LocalDB (included with the setup)

  • Microsoft SQL Server Express, Standard, Enterprise version 2017, 2016, 2014, SQL Azure, or AWS RDS SQL Server

  • Oracle Standard or Enterprise Edition, version 18c (18.3), 12c R2 (12.2), or 12c R1 (12.1), or AWS RDS Oracle

Please refer to your Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server product documentation for information on configuring your database server hardware.