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10.1 (2014 R1)

The software uses tasks to separate its user interface into discipline-specific user environments. Tasks are sets of commands focused on a particular engineering discipline, such as routing pipe or placing equipment. You usually need only a few of these tasks to accomplish your particular job. For example, if you are a piping designer, you probably only need to use the tasks that allow you to route pipe or create isometric drawings.

You define the tasks that appear on the Tasks menu by using the Configure Task List command. This command allows you to specify the tasks and the sequence you want them to appear on the Tasks menu. The software saves the selected tasks in the active workspace. Each workspace can display a different list of tasks on the Tasks menu. You can configure the Tasks menu for the workspace at any time.

To switch to a different task, click the task you want on the Tasks menu. When you activate a new task, the views remain unchanged, but the menu commands and tool bars are replaced by the new task. The software does not create new views of the model when you switch to another task. The Catalog, Systems and Specifications, and Project Management tasks do not have views of the model. Also, some tasks do not appear in the list if you did not install them.