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Sets options for importing Electrical data.

XML file

Specifies the XML file to use for import. Click the button next to the box to browse for the XML file. You can also select the parent folder to import all the XML files in that folder.

Map file

Specifies the XLS map workbook or XMpLant XML mapping file to use for import. Click the button next to the field to browse for the map workbook or mapping XML file. For more information about this workbook, see Electrical Translation Map in the Plant Design System (PDS) documentation.

Log file

Specifies the location of the log file. By default, the location is the same as that selected in the XML file box.


Imports the data as specified by closing the import dialog box.


Imports the data as specified without closing the import dialog box.


Cancels the operation.

View Log File

Opens the log file for viewing.

View Ingr File

Opens the Intergraph file for viewing.

XML Editor installs along with Microsoft Office. When the default software for opening the XML file is XML Editor, the View Ingr File command does not open the XML file. The XML file opens when the default software is a text editor such as Notepad.

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