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  1. Click Tools > Measure .

  2. On the measure ribbon, click Measure Minimum Distance .

  3. Optionally, select the plane option to use from the Plane list.

  4. Select the first object.

    The first object highlights, and the software prompts you to select the second object.

  5. Select the second object.

    After you select the second object, the software draws a dotted line between the two points that are the nearest on the objects.

    The following details appear on the screen: minimum distance, name of the active coordinate system, delta along the E-axis (X-axis), delta along the N-axis (Y-axis), and delta along the EL-axis (Z-axis).

  • If you select a third object while in this mode, the software starts a new minimum distance measurement with the selected object as the first object selection.

  • The software recognizes all objects that are displayed. For example, if insulation is displayed in the active graphic view, the software measures the minimum distance from the outside surface of the insulation.