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The Copy to Catalog and Paste from Catalog commands take the functionality of the standard Copy and Paste commands to a broader level while you work in an editing session in the model. These commands allow you to copy a set of objects and then later paste the objects into another model that uses the same catalog. The software does not require these objects to have a functional relationship.

You must have write permission to the permission group of the catalog module folder to which you are copying the objects.

After you start the Copy to Catalog command, you must identify the user type or module. Module types are available in the reference data as the result of a previous bulkload. Delivered module types reside in the ModuleTypes.xls workbook. The path on the administrator computer is [Product Folder]\CatalogData\Bulkload\DataFiles. Also, you can access this folder by selecting the Project Management option during workstation setup. For more information, see the Reference Data Guide available from the Help > Printable Guides command in the software.

Next, you identify a set of objects in the model that you want to copy for placement in the Catalog. The software offers the option to include parent objects for the set you selected.

In effect, the Catalog is serving as a clipboard to store copied objects from the Copy to Catalog command until you decide to place the objects with the Paste from Catalog command. You can paste the objects by selecting the module in the Catalog, in the same manner that you select equipment from the Catalog.

You can choose to paste the objects to another model or within the same model. The results of the Paste from Catalog command match the functionality of the standard copy and paste operation. After you finish the command, the software displays the ribbon associated with the selected set of objects.

For example, you have copied associated graphics from multiple applications with the Copy to Catalog command. When you paste the graphics with the Paste from Catalog command, the software establishes the relationships to the required parents or inputs, similar to the standard Paste command. As a result, you can save and re-use modules that contain application objects. The Paste from Catalog command uses the standard paste functionality, in addition to special prompts and the definition of the point that you used, to paste the saved graphics.