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Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)

Motion Tips

  • As you move through the model, the closer you get to your target, the slower the movement rate becomes. The further away from the target, the faster the movement rate.

  • The Move operations enable you to move through solid objects such as walls, doors and slabs.

  • Press ESC to end a navigation operation.

  • To make small left/right/up/down movements, click and hold the middle mouse button as you move in the needed direction. It can sometimes be difficult to make small movements with the mouse and keyboard because the distance of motion for each key press is greater than what is needed. This is especially true when you are close to objects within the 3D model.

Application-Specific Information

Smart 3D Navigation Tips

The Navigate View command always sets the current tilt angle to 0 when it is enabled. The system does not restore the previous tilt angle when 3D navigation is turned off. To get back to the rotated view you were using before entering 3D navigation, select View menu > Previous View.

Fine Tuning/Customization

  • You can change the Repeat Delay and Repeat Rate keyboard settings to fine-tune your keyboard motion during navigation. For more information, refer to your operating system's documentation on setting keyboard properties.


The color scheme has been changed to [Windows 7]. A running program isn't compatible with certain visual elements of windows.

  • Meaning: This message may display when you open a 3D model. To correctly display the cross hair (in fly mode) as well as support all capabilities of this operating system, the application automatically unchecks the Enable desktop composition setting. This setting is in Control Panel > System > Advanced system settings > Advanced tab > Performance Settings > Visual Effects.

  • Recovery: If you click to see more information on the message, the Windows information dialog box displays. Check the Don't show me this again option if you do not want the above message to display each time a 3D model is opened.