Define a coordinate system by three points - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

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  1. Click Tools > Measure .

  2. On the ribbon, click Define Coordinate System by 3 Points .

  3. Click the first point to define the origin of the coordinate system.

  4. Click the second point to define the end of the local E-axis (X-axis).

  5. Click the third point to define the end of the local N-axis (Y-axis).

  6. Click a measurement mode on the ribbon, and follow the status bar prompts to begin measuring.

  • You can change the units of measure by clicking Tools > Options. For more information, see Change a displayed unit of measure.

  • The measurement information only appears while the command is active. This command does not write any dimensions or information to the database.

  • When you change the coordinate system with the Measure command, you also change it for the PinPoint command.