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The 3D Navigator tool supports the common navigation movements you can perform with the mouse and keyboard, such as look and move.

Application-Specific Information

Smart 3D Navigator Information

  • To start 3D navigation in Smart 3D applications, press CTRL+SHIFT+F, or click Navigate View on the main toolbar.

  • Select on the 3D Navigator is not available. To select an object, navigate to the required location in your model and click Navigate View to disable the 3D Navigator. Click Select on the Smart 3D toolbar to select objects. Use Smart 3D commands to perform required operations.

  • When you right-click to end fly mode, right-click again to exit 3D navigation.

  • The Close button on the 3D Navigator removes it from the display. You can still use the keyboard for navigation.

3D Navigator Controls

  • Quick Help - Displays help specific to 3D navigation.

  • Home (Default View) - Returns to the startup view of the model. You can also create your own home view.

  • Fly Mode - Enters Fly mode where you use the mouse and/or keyboard to interactively move and look through the model. When you are in Fly mode, the 3D Navigator does not display, and your cursor changes to a crosshair located at the center of your view. You can press F or ESC to exit Fly mode. The 3D Navigator then displays at its last position.

  • Look - Changes your view direction as if you were turning your head. You can look around in all directions.

  • Move In/Out - Takes you closer to or further away from model objects.

  • Move (Up/Down/Left/Right) - Changes your position in the model at the crosshair cursor level as if you are 'walking' around in the model. You can move in any direction.

  • Fit - Places all visible elements in the view window if no objects are currently selected. If any objects are selected, the control zooms to the selected objects.

  • Select - Turns Select mode on and off (not available in the Smart 3D applications).

After you move your cursor off of the 3D Navigator, it fades into a transparent shadow so that it does not distract from the current view. The 3D Navigator reappears when you move the cursor back over it. You can select and move the 3D Navigator to place it wherever you want in or out of your view window. To use the 3D Navigator, just click on the needed action. A single click causes short movements while a click + hold action on the look and move controls enables you to move continuously.

While you are using 3D Navigator controls, you can use the following mouse operations:

  • Mouse wheel forward/backward

  • Middle-mouse drag to move sideways and up/down in the model.

You can also use the keyboard in conjunction with the 3D Navigator to move in one direction while looking in another. This can simulate walking through the plant as you are looking on either side.

  • The 3D Navigator controls are synchronized with the mouse and keyboard movements to display the current move or look action. For example, if you are pressing W to move in, the Move In button in the 3D Navigator is highlighted.

  • When you are in Fly mode, the 3D Navigator does not display.