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PinPoint / is active when any command prompts you to enter a point. The PinPoint options allow you to enter precision coordinates relative to the selected coordinate system and precision coordinate offsets relative to any point in the model.

The SmartSketch 3D tool is active whenever a command prompts you to enter a point. When you position your cursor over geometry, it locates the precision points on the geometry intersection points.

When your cursor is close to a SmartSketch 3D point, the geometric objects providing the precision are highlighted and a small glyph near the cursor displays the specific type of precision point found. For more information, see SmartSketch Options. When you click to enter the point, the coordinates of that precision point, the type of precision point, and the objects providing the point are supplied to the command prompting for the point. Many commands create relationships that maintain the point at the precision point location when the related objects are modified.

The basic types of SmartSketch 3D points are:

  • Key points on connection ports such as the connection point on a piping nozzle, a conduit, HVAC, and foundation ports.

  • Key points on geometry such as an end point, a divisor point, a point along a linear object, and the center of a circle.

  • Intersection points such as the intersection point of two linear objects or a point along the intersection of two planes.

  • Linear relationship points. For example, if the command prompts for two points, the second point can locate the points that make the line between the first and second points parallel or perpendicular to another linear object or an axis of the active coordinate system.