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Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)

ToolTips are created and managed within the session file. Any changes you make to the labels assigned to ToolTips are only seen within the session file. They are not saved to the catalog.

  1. Click Tools > Options.

  2. Click the ToolTips tab.

  3. To turn the display of ToolTips on in the graphic views, check Show object ToolTips.

  4. To create a new ToolTip, click an empty Object type cell, then click the ellipsis button. The Select Object dialog box appears.

  5. Select an object type from the hierarchy, expanding folders as needed. Click OK to accept the selected object type.

  6. On the ToolTips tab, select Catalog Data Labels in the Label to Use for the ToolTip drop-down. The Select Label dialog box appears.

  7. Select a label type from the Label hierarchy, expanding folders as needed.

  8. Use the Grid View and List View buttons to adjust the display of available labels.

  9. Select a label from the available labels and click OK.

  10. To edit a ToolTip, select it in the Label to Use for the ToolTip cell, and then click Edit ToolTip. The Edit Label dialog box appears.

  11. Edit the ToolTip label properties as needed.

    The Edit Label dialog box provides specific properties depending on the type of label associated with the ToolTip, either SQL label or COM label. However, the editing capabilities are similar.

  12. Click OK to save the changes to the ToolTip label to the session file.

  13. On the ToolTips tab, click OK or Apply to save all the ToolTip assignments to the session file.

To enable recursive expansion of embedded labels, the report RFM file must set the ToParse flag to Yes, as in the following example: