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  1. On the Draw toolbar, click Line/Arc Continuous or , depending on the application you are using.

  2. This command starts in line mode by default. If you want to start by drawing an arc, press SHIFT + A.

  3. Click the location to begin the line or arc.

  4. Click the location to end the line or arc. You can use intent zones to specify if you want to draw a tangent or perpendicular arc.

  5. If you are drawing an arc, click a point on the arc to define the radius.

    After you draw an arc, the command switches back to line mode automatically. You can switch back to arc mode if you want to draw another arc.

  6. Continue drawing lines or arcs, pressing SHIFT + A to switch to arc mode and SHIFT + L to switch to line mode.

  7. Right-click to finish.

    If you close the shape, the command restarts so you begin drawing again.

  • Instead of pressing SHIFT + L or SHIFT + A to switch modes, you can use Line or Arc on the ribbon.

  • You can make the first line or arc tangent or perpendicular to an element. First, move the pointer to the element to which you want to be tangent. Click when the software recognizes a Point On the relationship. Then use the intent zones to indicate if you want the line to be tangent or perpendicular.

  • Instead of clicking locations on the drawing sheet, you can type values on the ribbon. You can also use a combination of graphic and ribbon input.

  • Using the ribbon boxes to type values does not affect the settings of the Line or Arc modes.

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