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Saves a snapshot of the graphic data on the active sheet as a raster file and allows you to link the new raster file to a SmartFrame on a new sheet.

File Format

Allows you to specify the graphic file type for the new image. If you select JPEG as the file format, you can also customize the compression factor, also called Q-factor, using the Compression factor slider or the Value box.


Allows you to modify the default resolution for the new graphic. The default value is 400 dpi if the default units are not metric. If you set the units of measure to metric, the default units for the resolution are pixels per centimeter (DPCM).


Allows you to specify the compression type for the image. Compression types vary based on the file format you select.

Compression Factor

Allows you to specify the quality of compression versus file size for the image. The compression factor for an image is also referred to as the Q-factor. To change the compression factor, move the slider to the left to increase the file size and decrease compression. To create a smaller, lower quality image, move the slider to the right. A compression factor of 30 for JFIF and TIFF JPEG images provides optimal balance between quality and compression. For Intergraph JPEG images, a compression factor of 15 provides the optimal balance between quality and compression.


Specifies a numeric value for the compression factor of the image. As you move the Compression Factor slider, the value in the Value box changes.

Define sheet area to save as image

Allows you to define the area of the sheet to be saved as an image. Select two points to define the area by clicking the first point and dragging the cursor to the second corner point. If this option is not selected, the software saves the current sheet as an image.

Place image on new sheet

Creates a new SmartFrame and links the new image file to the new SmartFrame when the image is created. The software places the SmartFrame on a newly created sheet. The size of the new sheet is the same as the source sheet unless you rotate the output, in which case the size of the new sheet is B x A, where the size of the source is A x B.

To use this functionality, you must install the Image Integrator option.

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