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Follow the steps below to use the Scaled Sketching command to draw or edit objects at a specific scale factor.

You can add the Scaled Sketching command to the toolbar. See Add the Scaled Sketching Button to the SmartSketch Toolbar

  1. Click Scaled Sketching to open the Scaled Sketching ribbon.

    Scaled Sketching Ribbon

  2. To set the color of any objects not being edited using the scale factor, click Select color for referenced data . Click on the required color from the color palette.

  3. Insert a SmartFrame (see Working with Object, Linking and Embedding) and set the scale factor of the SmartFrame, or click on an existing SmartFrame. The scale is read and taken from that SmartFrame. The selected scale type is displayed in the Scaled Sketching ribbon.

    • Do not create or edit any layers when using the scaled sketching command.

    • To get accurate dimensional data about scaled objects, be sure to dimension them while in scaled sketching mode. The dimensions are automatically configured to display at the value in which they were drawn.

  4. Click Enter Scaled Sketch mode to start drawing at the selected scale.

    The system scales the drawing sheet to match the specified scale value.

  5. Use the application's drawing/editing commands to draw the required graphics.

  6. Click Finish to end the selected scale mode.

  • The only way to exit scaled sketching is to click Finish. All modifications you made in the document are retained.

  • Whenever you finish using scaled sketching, the undo history is cleared, and you cannot undo any previous edits. Undo is available after you continue working in the software.

  • Leaders must be placed on objects (Labels, Text Boxes, and so forth) that were placed during Scaled Sketch mode. If the objects were not placed during Scaled Sketch mode, the leader is not remembered in the SmartFrame after the view is updated.