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Engineering and Schematics

Specifies the area that you want to print.


Controls the scale applied to the print area in a document.

Best Fit

Scales the selected drawing sheets or print area to fit the printer paper for the configured device.

Manual Scale

Specifies the scale value to apply to the print range during printing. For example, if the print range is a rectangle at 12 cm by 12 cm and you set a manual scale of 1:12, then the printed range appears as 1 cm by 1 cm on the printer paper.

To print a 1:1 drawing of the current sheet scale, you can set the paper length to 1 and the design length to 1.

If you type values in the Paper Length and Design Length boxes, the red, blue, and black boxes in the Preview area change to reflect the values.

Paper Length

Specifies the paper length for the document you want to print.

Design Length

Specifies a design length.


Adjusts the location of the effective print area on the printer paper.


Positions the print area center to the center of the printer paper. If you do not set this option, then the paper positions at bottom left to bottom left.

X origin

Sets a shift in the X direction from the origin.

Y origin

Sets a shift in the Y direction from the origin.


Displays the range of the graphic to print on the printer paper.

XY Range

Clears the previous defined print area and prompts you to define a new print area.

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