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Using the software tools, you can easily change the shape, size, angle, or relationship of an existing element. The toolbars listed below contain most of the buttons that you can use to transform an element.

The Draw Toolbar

Element handles can be used to quickly transform elements. For example, you can change an arc by clicking the element with the Select Tool on the Draw toolbar and dragging the element's handles. The selected arc is transformed to a straight line by dragging the mid-point handle. The selected arc is transformed to a circle by dragging an end point handle.

The Draw toolbar also provides options for extending or trimming elements. You can click Extend to Next to extend an element, or you can click Trim or Trim Corner to trim an element.

You can also add fillets or chamfers by clicking Fillet or Chamfer on the Draw toolbar.

The Change Toolbar

Elements can be mirrored by clicking Mirror on the Change toolbar. The software mirrors one or more selected elements about a line or axis that you define. You can also mirror and copy elements.

You can rotate an element a precise angle about a specified point by using Rotate on the Change toolbar. You can use the Rotate ribbon to change the Step Angle, Rotation Angle, and Position Angle values.

You can use the Change toolbar to scale elements. Scalable elements include framed elements, such as text boxes. After clicking Scale on the Change toolbar, you can use the Scale ribbon to increase the Scale Factor value.

You cannot use the Scale option to scale or scale and copy elements in a drawing view because a scale factor has already been applied to the drawing view.

The Relationship Toolbar

You can also use the Change/Relationship toolbar to transform elements. For example, selecting Equal and clicking two elements will make the elements equal in size. The software will only allow you to select elements that are valid input for a specific command. For example, if you use the Concentric button, only circles, arcs, or ellipses can be selected.

When you apply a relationship between elements, the elements are modified to reflect the relationship. If Maintain Relationships is set when you use the commands on the Change/Relationship toolbar to add relationships to your drawing, the added relationships will be maintained.

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