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2019 (10.0)

You can only upgrade a configuration using the same database type. You cannot upgrade, for example, an older version on a SQL Server database to the current version on an Oracle database. However, you can use the Database Conversion Wizard to convert SQL Server databases to Oracle or Oracle databases to SQL Server databases after they have been upgraded. For more information, see Database Conversion Wizard.

Upgrading databases to the latest installed version of the software includes the following upgrade tasks:

  1. Upgrade the site and site schema databases using the Database Wizard. For more information, see Upgrade a Site Database.

  2. Upgrade the catalog, catalog schema, model, and report databases using Tools > Upgrade Version in the Project Management task.

  3. In the tree view, select the catalog database to upgrade.

    1. Click Tools > Upgrade Version.

      The Upgrade Version dialog box displays.

    2. Click OK.

  4. Migrate the SharedContent.

  5. Update the Excel reference data workbooks to fit the current software version. Bulkload required changes to the catalog.

  6. Synchronize the model with the catalog database using the Tools > Synchronize Model with Catalog in the Project Management task. For more information, see Synchronize Model with Catalog.

  7. Regenerate the reports and reports schema databases using Edit > Regenerate Reports in the Project Management task. For more information, see Regenerate the reports database.