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2019 (10.0)

Prior to installing GoldenGate, perform the following steps:

  • Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package if it is not already installed.

  • Rename the folder to GoldenGate for easy identification. Install GoldenGate software by running the setup.exe.

You must have administrator privileges on the computer to install the software.

  1. Unzip the setup file.

  2. Right-click setup.exe under (\fbo_ggs_Windows_x64_shiphome\disk1) folder, and select Run as Administrator.

  3. On the Select Installation Option page, select Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle Database 12c (702.0MB) to install, and then click Next.

  4. On the Specify Installation Details page, specify the following:

    1. In the Software Location box, type the path, or click Browse to specify the installation location.

    2. Select the Start Manager check box to perform the default configuration functions, such as creating the Oracle GoldenGate subfolders in the installation location, setting library paths, and starting Manager on the specified port number.

      The Database Location and Manager Port options are displayed.

    3. The Oracle database location displays by default in the database location. The database version in the specified location must be pointing to Oracle Database 12c DBHome if you are installing Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle Database 12c.

    4. By default, the Manager Port box displays 7809 as the port number.

      If you are installing multiple instances of the Oracle GoldenGate on the same computer, you must use a different port number for each instance.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Important: On the Summary page, make sure that there is enough space for installation and all the installation details are correct.

  7. Click Save Response File to save the installation information.

    You can use the response file as input to install on other systems when you run the installer from the command line.

  8. Click Install.

    The software is installed successfully on the computer.

  9. Click Close.

    A command line window is displayed running the manager locally.

    You must close the Oracle GoldenGate Manager for Oracle window as the software creates a service to run this process later when the workshare is set up.