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Intergraph Smart 3D
Administration & Configuration
12.1 (2019)

Builds a filter or displays the properties of an existing filter. You access this dialog box from the Select Filter dialog box, which is available in a variety of areas in the software, such as:

  • File > Define Workspace - Filter option, or Properties button, if a filter is selected.

  • Tools > Select by Filter.

This dialog box is entitled New Filter Properties or simply Filter Properties, depending on whether you are creating a new filter or modifying an existing filter. Its behavior is the same.

The dialog box tabs let you pick the appropriate criteria for the filter. For example, the System, Assembly, or Named Space tabs on the Filter Properties dialog box provide for extensive searches, while the Properties, Volume, Permission Group, and Object Type tabs assist with more restrictive searches. The Configuration tab specifies the permission group assignment of the filter. The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) tab identifies objects in the selected WBS for the filter. For example, you can select projects, contracts, or documents from the WBS.


Specifies the name of the filter.

Asking Filter - user of filter will supply value

Creates an asking filter. An asking filter prompts you for specific values for certain properties.

Include nested objects

Specifies whether you want your search to include all objects under a selected node. For example, when you check this box and then select an object, when Smart 3D evaluates the filter (such as when you define a workspace), the software selects all sub-objects under that object. If you do not check this box, only the selected object is included in the objects returned when the software evaluates the filter. This option is unavailable for certain tabs on this dialog box.

Lock CTRL key

This option changes the selection mode and allows you to select multiple items across filter tabs without holding down the CTRL key.

Clear All

Removes the object definition. Click Clear All if you want to start over and redefine the search criteria.

  • When the New dialog box displays, the default is always the last-selected option.

  • When you double-click a filter on the Select Filter dialog box, the software applies the filter and dismisses the dialog box.