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12.1 (2019)

Opens the Restore Wizard so you can reconstruct one or more previously backed up models, site, and catalogs to selected servers. This feature is useful when you are moving information from one location to another, when information is lost due to system failure, or when you want to undo changes made to a set of objects since the last backup. The Tools > Restore command is also useful for creating a copy of the catalog and model to use as a test area for working on reference data changes before introducing those changes in the production environment.

Symbol Share

Some reference data for your databases is stored in the symbol share (a collection of rules, templates, filters, and symbols). This reference data can be customized. An identical symbol share must be available to a restored backup.

If you have a local reference data installation, the default location of the shared folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Smart3D\3DRefData\SharedContent. On an enterprise installation, the SharedContent folder resides on a network server location.

You can restore a backup and connect it to its original symbol share if it is available. If the symbol share is not available, you need to back up the SharedContent folder and move it to a new location. You can create a copy of the folder, or zip the folder.

Partial Restore

The partial restore, or selective recovery, capability lets you use the backup and restore functionalities as a way to undo changes that have been made to particular objects since the last backup. For example, if you make several changes to a tower, you can use the Restore Wizard to restore only the tower to its state at the time of the last backup. This is done using the Copy and Paste and Restore commands in the Smart 3D modeling environment after restoring a model for selective recovery of model objects.

Restore Wizard

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