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12.1 (2019)

Previous releases of the software required you to manage the GUID tabs on bulkload workbooks in order to copy data across models that used different catalogs. This ensured that identical definitions had the same GUIDs. In this release, the Model Data Reuse command automatically manages the GUIDs. You can now copy data across models without manually ensuring that the GUIDs in the source and destination catalogs match.

Click Copy to start the process.

A progress bar displays on the Model Data Reuse processing dialog box.

In the Model Data Reuse processing dialog box, the status of the copy operation is updated and appears in the progress bar. The term design object refers to a top-level application object such as Area System, Unit System, Equipment, Pipeline, Pipe Run, Column, Beam, Slab, and so on. The Copying objects page reports the status of the following items:

  • Total number of design objects to be copied

  • Design objects copied successfully

  • Design objects failed to copy

  • Estimated time remaining

The undo command (CTRL + Z) does not work after this operation starts.

You can stop the operation during processing by clicking Stop in the Model Data Reuse processing dialog box. You can resume or delete the operation using the Model Data Reuse wizard Restart Existing Operation option.

When the processing is complete or when you click Stop to pause the operation, the Operation Properties dialog box is then displayed showing the general operation information, operation status, and operation statistics for this operation.

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