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3D Design and Visualization
Intergraph Smart 3D
2019 (10.0)

Registers a model database. Each model must be registered before you can connect to the integrated environment to perform any specific tasks, such as publishing or retrieving files. You can register each model only once. To more efficiently distribute design work, you can register multiple 3D models to a single SmartPlant Foundation model.

During registration, the software maps the model and all of the projects associated with it to a single SmartPlant Foundation URL, which points to one SmartPlant Foundation database, and returns a unique signature for the tool/model combination being registered.

In an integrated environment, the term "model" is synonymous with the top level of the PBS hierarchy.

The SmartPlant > Register command displays a wizard that steps you through the following tasks:

  • Specifying the node name and virtual folder for the SmartPlant Foundation database.

  • Selecting the model you want to register.

  • Providing a description for uniqueness when used in a multi-registration configuration.

After the model is registered, the information is added to the Databases tab of the Model Properties dialog box.

You must have full control privileges at the model level to access the SmartPlant > Register command.