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Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)

Creates or modifies margins at the connections between two assemblies or blocks. It creates an assembly margin parent object grouping all the assembly margin children.

For built-up profiles, you can define the margin for the web and flange separately.

Margin By Assembly Connections Ribbon

Displays the controls used to add a fabrication margin to all of the plate edges or profile ends connected to a selected assembly.

Assembly Margin Settings

Opens the Assembly Margin Settings dialog box, which you use to view and modify the properties of the fabrication margin that you are about to place in the model. For more information, see Assembly Margin Properties Dialog Box.

Block or Assembly

Select the block or assembly to which you want to add the margin.

Adjacent Block or Assembly

Select the adjacent block or assembly to specify the connection between assemblies to which you want to add the margin.


Select the plate or profile part to which you want to add the fabrication margin. You can select the part in a graphic view or in the Workspace Explorer.

  • Connected fabrication margins are always Constant.

  • If the Rule box is not selected, then you can select any plates. The software applies the last used margin as a default.

  • If you clear the selection from a part, then the software automatically clears the selection from the faces of that part.

Margin Properties

Displays a dialog box that allows you to review or edit the properties of the margins that you are creating or editing. For more information, see Margin Properties Dialog Box (Margin By Assembly Connections).


Creates the fabrication margin using the parameters that you have defined.


Clears the selection.


Accepts the selection.

Name Rule

Specifies the naming rule for the margin objects that you are creating. The naming rule is not applied on margin objects that you are modifying.

Assembly Filter

Specifies the filter for selecting assemblies.


Specifies that the margin is placed by rule.


Select the type of margin to apply. For more information on the available types, see Fabrication Margin .


Specifies the amount of margin to apply. This option displays when The Mode box is set to Constant.

Offset Direction

Indicates the direction in which the margin is applied to the object. When the direction is set to Perpendicular to Edge, the margin is applied normal to the lateral face port. When the direction is set to Global for a plate, the margin is applied in the direction along the X, Y, or Z axis in which the plate is oriented. If the direction is set to Global for a profile, the margin is applied along the landing curve direction.

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