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12.1 (2019)

You can adjust output by customizing the configuration XML.


Customize the Part output .xml fileto include or exclude annotations, prevent marking lines on the anti-marking side, or trigger certain catalog-controlled output customization. The example below shows how to customize a DATAFORMAT for a Plate part.

  1. Identify the Part type in the configuration file.

  2. Identify the output type to adjust.

    The example below shows the output type SMS_SCHEMA_PLATE.

  3. Find the output type definition in the configuration file.

    The example below shows SMS_SCHEMA_PLATE as the output definition.

  4. Enter a new output format for DATAFORMAT.

    To find the correct format, open the part in the Part Monitor and locate the Process setting in the catalog table as shown below.

    To display annotations in the output file, locate Plates & Profiles with Annotation in the catalog table Process column. Enter the corresponding Name value in the configuration file.