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Intergraph Smart 3D Hole Management

Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)

If you delete or rebound a seam, the software deletes leaf systems and parts and creates new leaf system and parts.

Molded Forms properties and material information are transferred from the first system (as defined by the software) to the new system. The default naming rule is used to name the new leaf system. Logical connections that crossed the split are replaced by a new connection with the same properties as the first system.

Structural Detailing properties and features are transferred to the new part. If one part is detailed and the other is not, the new part is detailed.

Hole features are transferred to the new part. The parent system of a hole feature is:

  • A plate part if a cut is applied only to a single part.

  • A root plate system if the cuts are applied to multiple plate parts.

The structural hole fittings in Hole Management are placed on the To Do List only if a split passes through a hole trace.

Block and assembly assignments in Planning are transferred. If the original parts were in the same assembly or block, then the new part is placed in that assembly or block. If the original parts were in different assemblies, then the new part is placed in the assembly last used by split notification.

Manufacturing parts are updated using the Manufacturing Service Manager.

Connections to ladders, stairs, handrails, members, hangers, and equipment are transferred to the new part.