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  1. Click Single Hole .

  2. Select the structure on which the hole trace is needed. You can select multiple adjacent root plate systems. For structures other than root plates systems, Smart 3D uses the last object you select.

    Single Hole creates hole traces on multiple root plate systems only when those plate systems are adjacent. If you select nonadjacent root plate systems, Smart 3D projects the hole trace only on the plate system nearest the origin.

  3. Select one or more equipment or outfitting parts (such as pipe, HVAC duct, cableway, or Hanger with Hole Aspect) that penetrate the selected structure.

  4. Click Accept .

  5. Select a name for the hole trace in the Hole name box.

  6. Select a parent system for the hole trace in the Parent system box.

  7. Click Finish.

You can click Hole Trace Properties on the ribbon to modify the hole trace properties. For more information, see Hole Trace Properties Dialog Box.